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Sonic The Hedgehog Hip Hop C Sonic The Hedgehog Hip Hop C

Rated 0 / 5 stars

-_-' from a real voter This music is wacko.
Simply from a judge i simply think's music sounds like a girl that's dancing around the world going lalalala. The judge will say this music not hip hop it need to be on the baby kids channel. So all the kids can hear you sing and dance around lalala to the world. Even from the american Singers of the judge The probably look at you and say. -_-'''''What is that true is that you is that really you. Singing. sounds like a kids song a girl going around in lala to the world. if you sat down with Sonic Team And SEGA Team and hear you sing this music. they were probably sit down and drink coffee on the other side of the road I say its best for you to sing this on the kids channel. now i'm not trying to get you mad i'm being honest because i'm trying to give you the right answer what will happen if you put that on sonic face. he will take your track and throw it in the garbage. or not if you're viewing my singing and me track don't put your anger on that because their already voted for that track and they like it and its already became an artist track or not.> Even if they didn't vote here devoted over there.> ^_^ well i can say nice try but you did your best.

Theme of Sonic (Full Song) Theme of Sonic (Full Song)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That is very nice. ^_^ you should know. I want to make my character a great hero besides Sonic.
look him here> or here
anyway my characters drawing. Is on the site. Yes i'm Working on the project
of Baby Greed The Hedgehog. Bye!?